1:1 Concept Art & Illustration Mentoring - 5 WEEK BUNDLE

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1:1 Concept Art & Illustration Mentoring - 5 WEEK BUNDLE

Sandra Duchiewicz
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About my Mentorship Program:

  • Sessions are unique for each Student - It's a different way of learning, where you have 100% of undivided attention from a tutor. Also, the program is being adjusted to your skill level and tailored to improve your portfolio. Which means that each student gets a slightly different experience.
  • Portfolio review - We are going to go through your portfolio (if you already have one) and discuss your artwork, current skill level, areas you might improve on and talk about workflows, common mistakes and pitfalls, and other skill-related topics.
  • Over-paint on your artwork! In order to show you how you can improve your skillset, I will make an over-paint of your artwork. I will share with you a .psd file of the over-painted artwork, so you could open it up and analyze it further.
  • Learn workflow enhancing tips and tricks in Photoshop - to speed up your rendering process
  • Get my favourite brushes, gradient maps and other tools and materials that I showcase during the session.
  • Get your questions answered - prepare a set of questions and subjects ahead of the session, this way we can be sure that the most important subjects are covered during the session :)
  • It's a conversation, focused on YOU - your experiences and your goals, improvements to be made, and guidance in navigating social media, job hunting and any other art and work-related topics.
  • Sessions happen via Discord 💻 voice call with a share screen (my profile name: telthona#0538 )
  • I have a 100% positive review score on GameDevMentors, based on over 50 Student Reviews.

⌛ THIS IS A 5 WEEK BUNDLE! - an hour of the mentoring session, happening once a week for 5 weeks in a row ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️📅

🔶After purchase, open the calendly link to schedule a session (link privided) :)

🔶Then, please e-mail me at s.duchiewicz@gmail.com to tell me about yourself - please describe your current skill level, your past work or education experiences, your goals and share the links to your portfolio or social media accounts where you share your art.🔶

These sessions are most suitable for:

  • fresh grad Students, trying to break into the industry
  • self-taught Artists, that never had a professional to give them a portfolio review
  • intermediate skilled Artists that are struggling with finding a job within the industry
  • hobbyists, trying to hone their craft and get better at art
  • advanced Artists that just need an additional push from a fellow professional in order to find a new path 👌

Can't wait to meet you!

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1 mentoring session per week - for 5 weeks


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